Gold Trading


London gold is not a kind of gold, but a method of precious metal margin trading. It is named after its origin in London. It is also known as international gold or spot gold. It is a contract-based trading method using the principle of capital leverage and margin trading. It has been on the market for over 300 years.

London is the world's major gold trading and settlement center and the world's largest and oldest gold market. The London gold market is a spot gold trading market. The biggest feature is that there is no fixed exchange, but an invisible market connected through the sales network of major gold merchants. London gold trading is mainly completed through the form of over-the-counter trading - electronic trading system, which can be bought and sold anytime, anywhere.

Because investors do not have to withdraw physical gold, and save the steps of transportation, storage, inspection, identification, etc., which greatly reduces investment costs, coupled with the high-leverage margin trading method, London gold has become the most popular type of gold in the market. investment method.

Silver Trading


London silver, also known as international silver or spot silver, is a contract-based transaction based on the principle of capital leverage. Like London gold, London silver is also a precious metal margin trading method, which can be used as a 24-hour precious metal investment product.

Gold Bar Delivery


Minted gold bars are the world’s most popular minted gold bars and are highly-prized in gold markets around the world from the Middle East to Asia. When you buy our gold bars, you are buying one of the world’s most prestigious brands of investment precious metals.